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Buying Links Gameplan and Understanding

Virtually all webmasters want more traffic to their website or blog. Since most traffic is referred by search engines, the logical step is to achieve more organic, natural traffic from the search engines, mainly the top three: Google, Bing, Yahoo. With the algorithm ever changing it’s necessary to not only have proper onpage seo, but ensure others are linking back to your site. We will go over some of the better ways of building links, and what purchases should be made when buying backlinks.
buy backlinks
There are many ways to skin a cat, just as there are many types of backlinks to spend your cash on. Volume, diversity, and quality all play an intricate role in your backlink portfolio.

Time to spread the risk and analyze our options…

Directories – Only 2 Dances Left in Town!: Directories are now a dime a dozen, therefore it’s NOT recommended to buy listings unless the directory is established and actually of value. Two that fit this criteria are DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. DMOZ is nearly impossible to get into. You can pay for a service to get you listed on most freelance websites, and a Yahoo Directory is a direct yearly cost. With thousands of free options, and an insane attrition rate, you should buy those two and forget you ever heard what a directory was.

Article Marketing – Still Relevant!: Many dismiss the power of article marketing but it’s not only a great way to drive leads but a perfect conduit for contextual backlinks. Usually you are purchasing content, versus the actual placement of your article, but there are also services that not only write the article but submit it as well to the hundreds of article directories online. A thorough list can be found at directorycritic. Due to the attrition rate, it’s best for lower budget starters to use all of the resources, while middle to advanced marketers will want to focus on the main sites such as ezine, goarticles, buzzle, and a few others.

Typically when you are buying content you want it to be a minimum of 400 words as this helps the search engines determine your content is unique enough to find, index, and rank. The links then become a byproduct of successful content placement.

When purchasing an article service be sure to ask where they are posting your articles and if they are unique or spun articles.

Spun Articles help replace various phrases and keywords within the original article in order to make it appear more unique to the search engine spiders. This extends the longevity of your content and increases your ROI. Now that we have some quality backlinks on the top tier directories it’s time to attack the second tier and go for bulk.

There are thousands of 2nd rate article directories that are constantly being created, parked, and abandoned. Don’t submit original work here as it will be a waste of time. The spun articles will serve the purpose well.

Blog Marketing – Basically the Same as Article Marketing: Blog marketing can be looked at just like article marketing. Instead of registering for article accounts, we will register for our own personal blog. A search of “create a blog” will yield hundreds of results. Unlike article directories your blog posts don’t have to be “accepted” as you hold ownership over them. Use unique content for the main blog players, and for the 2nd rate/tier blog platforms use your spun content.

Tools and Private Networks to Help Article/Blog Marketing:

SEnuke will automatically create blogs and post to about twenty five of them. There are dozens more, but they aren’t supported by the software and need to be done manually. Since SEnuke is over one hundred dollars a month many opt to use a service provider versus handling the tools and costs associated with it.

When it comes to private networks BuildMyRank (LinkVana too) is an excellent one that allows you to post to over one thousand blogs across hundreds of unique ip addresses (which is important for diversity). Only unique content is allowed here, so we’ll then spin once accepted and utilize the 2nd tier private networks.

My Article Network, Unique Article Wizard, SEO Link Vine, ArticleRanks, Article Robot, Authority Link Network, will all enable you to post your spun content out to their contact list of websites, some personally owned, others public. The key here is each network has different distributions so when paying for memberships it’s important to realize there isn’t much overlap – but you need to justify the costs by submitting significant bulk.

I bought the content and/or the article posting service…am I done?

Indexing – Force Feeding those Baby Spiders!: Posting the content is 90% of the battle. The other 10% is getting the search engines to recognize it, and index it (count it), in their search results. Indexing tools such as BacklinksIndexer or Index Bear are tantamount to dealing with bulk backlink indexing and letting the robots know your content exists.

Social Bookmarking is one of the better ways to support not only your main website, but the links that link to your website. Yes, we are linking links to links. BookmarkingDemon is the premiere program to automate the account creation, and actual bookmarking process. Building and pruning a good database list can take years so you can either purchase the program or look for a service that provides this.

I have an article empire, blog networks, and everything is being indexed and bookmarked..what else?

If you leverage the above efforts you can certainly dominate, but why stop there? There are a couple more solid approaches to buying backlinks.

Blog Commenting – Like a Timewarp of Link Juice Love!: Blog Commenting on high pagerank blogs can be seen as cherry picking the winners throughout the years (you can leave a post today for a link on a post that was made 5 years ago). Certain blog platforms leave behind footprints that an expert can find using certain search strings as well as analyzing their competitor’s backlinks through services such as yahoo siteexplorer or backlinkswatch. You can buy relatively cheap services to sniper these pagerank sites, or go with a more mass approach using the program ScrapeBox.

Scrapebox harvests these search strings from popular blogs such as wordpress and attempts to leave comments wherever it can. A good database takes years to develop (or purchase) which can be extremely effective once pruned and curated. It will be a mixture of do follow and no follow most likely but the power here is volume and alacrity.

Forum Link Building -Hide your Wife, Hide Your Kids cause their Spamming Everyone!: Forum link building is some of the toughest manual work, if you register, make a relevant comment and put in a signature link. If you want to skip weeks of “fun” then Xrumer is the tool for you. Not nearly as effective as participating in the forums yourself, but this tool automatically registers and adds your backlink to a forum profile. It can also make threads and respond to posts, but it’s not recommended because of the spammy nature. Keep it to profiles and run it through the indexer tool, and you’ll be sitting on tens of thousands of backlinks. Again, the program is expensive, and the quality is 99% list building. Either use this service, or hire an expert.

Okay, I can buy content and programs..but I really just want to buy backlinks with no frills

You lazy POS! HA! j/k. Some of the best networks are rotisserie style “set it and forget it”, and a must have for any serious backlink builder. With these networks you don’t have to write unique content, spin it, or worry about it; they aren’t as powerful as the previous methods, and you’ll pay a premium, but they work.

MyLinkClub, AutomaticBacklinkCreator (ABC), and Linxboss are a monthly fee, in which they post your links within relevant content. Most of it is not unique content, but they still work relatively well. For a more advanced set it and forget it approach, there are high pagerank backlinks packages, in which individuals have bought up hundreds to tens of thousands dollars worth of old, established, domains and added links to them. These networks are typically monthly fees as well.

Blog Sponsorships – Paying for those Footer links that Say Thanks to: Ever see a blog and notice they have links to the designer and/or people they are thanking? Well, many people want to blog, but they don’t know how to blog, therefore they use premade templates. Designers of premade templates need to eat, so they sell the rights to these links. A great auction can be found at digitalpoint -> link sales -> template sponsorships. Purchasing the right theme can explode your backlinks, but quality is hard to find, so use caution.

Well, there you have it. The best methods and exact ways top seo gurus build and buy backlinks and content. If you want to skip the hassle of spending thousands on programs, tools, trial and error there is always BackLinksVault is an expert provider in backlinking and highpagerank networks, servicing top web design companies, seo agencies, and personal website owners.


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